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Residential Wildlife Control In The Lehigh Valley, PA Area

Animals and rodents can be harmful and often carry diseases. Do not approach any wild animals, instead give us a call. The professionals at Galvin Wildlife Control, provide emergency animal removal services to homeowners throughout the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area. If you believe a rodent is invading your house or yard, give us a call at 610-398-8084. We will be glad to inspect your property. We provide quick and professional wildlife control services to keep your family healthy and safe.
We will set traps around your property. Our services also include monitoring the traps and properly removing any trapped animals. You do not have to handle the animal(s). In addition to trapping and removing live animals, we offer dead animal removal services. If there is a decaying animal in your home or yard, give us a call.
Raccoon Looking Out of a Trap — Wildlife Control in Lehigh Valley,PA

Preventative Measures

You do not have to sign a contract for any of our services. We will come out only when needed. Our preventative services include completing inspections to see where the animals are settling in. Some of the most popular places wildlife settle in are under porches, sheds, and attics. We will close up or seal any openings, as well as repair damages caused by squirrels. We also provide exclusion techniques for bats and mice. Exclusion can be done by installing screens and other barriers over vents and entry points.
Cage — Wildlife Control in Lehigh Valley,PA
Point of Entry — Wildlife Control in Lehigh Valley,PA
With years of experience, we can quickly identify the point of entry, the type of animal and the most effective exclusion or trapping method. The summer months are the best time to complete most house sealing and the spring months are the best time for bat inspections. We provide honest recommendations and dependable services. We also work with

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